PJM Rental Delivery and Collection Services to Airports and City Centres

Delivery & Collection, Be Ready to Rent! 

For global Rental Brands that need cost efficient and effective Delivery & Collection, we can stretch expectations beyond just cost for you by bringing out the best talent of the Delivery & Collection process and have vehicles ready to go with maximum efficiency. With a wealth of experience working with the leading rental leaders, our Rental sector has strong growth due to our innovation to develop better processes and our own bespoke checks and with over 150 drivers across the UK we are able to provide cross over locations and drivers who work not just as a team but nationally connecting sites.  A real hands on experience to deliver beyond expectations with attention to detail.

Imagine a service that delivers not only the Delivery & Collection service but one that extends to Valeting with the professionals, drawing on our in house expertise and add on services to provide not just a Rental Sub service but a real quality extending your reach to the heart of automotive and delivery in the most dynamic of industries.




Waterless Cleaning

During peak times when working facilities are at full capacity, PJM Rental use a Waterless Cleaner to prepare Vehicles with a fully equipped trolley to prepare the vehicles where it was returned. This efficient process speeds up peak time turnaround and enables us to work at remote location where there are no facilities at all.

Higher Expectations – Airports

We understand flexibility is priority to our clients and custom fit our services to suit our clients' demands. Working at major airports across the UK our Airport approach and delivery is synonymous to that of that Motor Auctions. You’ll see PJM stamp our core values of high volume, quick turnaround, tight deadlines and professional quality to operations with innovations such as our waterless trolley maximizing efficiency and saving water.

City Services

Working in the hub of cities we provide delivery & collection and valeting across the UK and turn around vehicles ready to go from busy rental outfits to more unique locations taking on board a niche hands on approach to delivery to suit your customers.